Deacons Note

Dear friends on the faith journey,

It’s time to begin our Lenten Journey! During Ash Wednesday service on the first day of Lent, you will be invited “to observe a holy Lent: by self–examination, by prayer and fasting, by reading and meditating on God's Holy Word”. How will you “observe a holy Lent?” There is no one prescribed way. Instead, each one of us is encouraged to find our own means of confronting our sinfulness, remembering our mortality, and giving thanks for the gift of salvation we receive through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Fasting -One common practice is to give something up for Lent. Some abstain from chocolate, social media, shopping, or something else through the season. We fast to reorient ourselves away from the distraction of those things, and back toward God.

Bible reading -Many do not know where to begin when reading the Bible. The devotionals like Upper Room Daily Devotional will help guide you in this pursuit. Each day they provide a scripture passage and wonderfully thought-provoking and spirit-enriching material to read and think about.

Prayer -In the busyness of our everyday lives, prayer can sometimes get squeezed out. Lent is a wonderful time to intentionally work toward finding more time in your life for prayer. Enriching your prayer life is a great way to spend Lent.

Service -Another way to observe a holy Lent is to take on a new way of serving. Throughout the forty days of the season you can adopt a new habit of volunteering in the community, making special financial gifts to service organizations, singing in the choir, or participating in a small group.

Rest- An important practice with which many of us struggle is the spiritual discipline of rest or Sabbath. You can find moments during an ordinary day to be still in God's presence.

Let us covenant with one another to take our walk with God to a deeper level in the gift of the Lenten Season and its reflective time.

On the journey! 

Deacon Bonnie LeValley